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Beadie Bug Play – Pizza Making Kit


The world record for the largest pizza weighed over 11,000kgs!  We can’t make you one quite that big but how do you fancy a super cute pizza making kit that can be used in playdough and REALdough, is completely eco friendly and is designed and made in Australia?

The Beadie Bites Pizza Making Kit contains:

1 x whole pizza bio cutter (12cm x 12cm x 1.5cm)

1 x wooden pizza paddle, with engraving (21cm x 14cm x 0.7cm)

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Pizza Paddle Product Information

Our wooden pizza paddles are made from premium ply, engraved on one side and finished with tung oil.  Use with dry sensory bases.  Our wooden pine products are not suitable for water play, as they may warp.

Bio Cutter Product Information

Our bio cutters can be used in playdough, kinetic sand, air dry clay and for baking. We 3d print our cutters from PLA, which is a plant-based bioplastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca root or sugarcane.  Hand wash only.  Exposure to extreme heat (in a dishwasher or direct sun) will damage the natural materials these bio cutters are made from and shorten their lifespan.  PLA is not hydrophobic and may soak up fizz and paint colours.

Recommended age 3+. Use under adult supervision. NOT to be used as a teething or chew toy.


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