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Curious Columbus – Magnetic Letters and Numbers

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Not all alphabet magnets are created equal. Curious Columbus foam magnets are made from the thickest, chunkiest and most compact foam available – helping your child enjoy a more tactile learning experience.

Every set comes with bumper set of 104 custom designed letters, plus 11 numbers for even more fun learning opportunities. Curious Columbus foam magnets are also made bigger with over 80% of our letters are sized 1.8” tall, and the rest 1.6” tall.

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Our customised font has been specially designed with friendly rounded edges – perfect for kids learning their ABC’s. We’ve also made sure only the vowels are blue making it the ideal way to help them find, learn and identify the ‘A E I O U’ letters.

Made from vivid Pantone colours, kids just love the bright and eye catching colours. Moms and dads will also love the full rubberised magnetic backing – not only are they super strong, but there’s no little magnets to risk being lost or  worse swallowed.


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