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Ducky Street – Mermaid Scales


Have you ever dreamed of being a pretty mermaid having fun under the sea and making waves? Or maybe rainbow fish? How about big dragon? Dreams come true, which is why we’re glad to share these amazing temporary tattoos with you. Our scales tattoos are just perfect for being used as a form of body art for creating a realistic mermaid scale effect on your skin.Cut out the chosen area and apply it to any parts of your body for making a mermaid skin texture (or maybe it’s a dragon scales?). These are the best accessories for the Little Mermaid party outfit, dragon party or any kind of a beach look. Made from hand-painted with watercolors textures so they have unique vibrant look.

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High quality skin safe and kids friendly temporary tattoos.
* Big tattoo sheet 15×21 cm / 5.9’x8.3′ inches
* Skin safe and non toxic
* Lasts on average 2-4 days
* Comes in a transparent bag


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