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Fabelab – Eco Backpack – Large – Shooting Star – Caramel – 44cm

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This is a great lightweight bag for pre-school beginnings. The backpack has a front pocket with a zipper for smaller items and easily closes with a drawstring and front flap-over buckle closure.

For comfort and functionality, shoulder straps are padded and a cross-chest buckle is added for an optimal fit. In addition, reflex details are placed both in front and back to aid visibility in traffic. Inside the backpack are two separate pockets handy for smaller items and a cool diamond-shaped badge to write your name on so there are no bag mix-ups at school.

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The Backpack’s outer and inner shell fabric is made from recycled post-consumer polyester. As an extra feature, we have added Fabelab’s mascot, a Bob the Bear keychain to the backpack for a cute and playful twist. Kids can use this separate for safekeeping bikes or scooter keys. Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester has used plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded, and spun into a thread to reuse for production.

37 pieces of Coca-Cola bottles have been used to make this backpack!

Ever since the brand was founded in Copenhagen, our founder Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod has made an effort to always keep a sustainable approach to every product made. Reusability and upcycling are core tenets of our brand.

Outer fabric: 100.0% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester

Inner fabric: 100.0% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester webbing/rope/zip: 100% polyester


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