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Flockmen Colored Set – 27 pcs


Colours make our world beautiful! More alive, more fun! And no doubt that toys are very important tool for learning things by providing basic development.

You’ll receive 27 carefully crafted and 100% natural Flockmen figurines in 9 different colours (red, purple, orange, yellow, pink, grey, green, dark blue and light blue).

Now construction will be even more fun! And learning, color recognition more easier. Ask your child to put the red piece on top of the blue piece. Play some stacking games, by asking them to repeat your shape and colors.

Sold out!



  • 27 Flockmen figurines in 9 differend colours x3. Each wooden ‘man’ is 30 mm wide, 70mm tall and 14mm thick. Made from solid birch tree.
  • Portable storage bag made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton-linen cloth to keep your Flockmen safely stored when not in use.
  • An inspiration card with ideas and resources for how to challenge yourself.
  • Care instructions: to ensure they continue to last

Made in Latvia


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