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Little Chomps – Messy Mealtime (Starter) Smock: 0-8+mths

Original price was: $27.95.Current price is: $22.36.

Get your baby’s food journey off to a happy start with the Messy Mealtime ‘Starter’ Smock.

You’ll love the unique all-round cover and fast wipe and machine-washability.

Your baby will love the lovely softness of the waterproof fabric and the freedom to play and learn without endless outfit changes!

With a Messy Mealtime Smock, babies have full access to their highchair tray to develop their self-feeding/fine motor skills.

The Messy Mealtime Smock fits any highchair, stroller, chair, car seat or even standing at an art easel.

The secure poppers mean little hands can’t pull it off and there’s no pesky Velcro, straps or suctions restricting baby’s movement.

It’s perfect for baby-led weaning and self-feeding!



The Starter Smock is perfect for babies starting their feeding journey or who are small for age.

The Toddler Smock is ideal for babies and toddlers in the 8mths to 2+ year age range, or who are large for age.

The Short Sleeve Toddler Smock, with its wide, short sleeves and the same soft, breathable fabric, is perfect for warm weather and a growing toddler up to 4+yrs!

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