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Lively Living – Pregnancy & Birth Organic Essential Oil 10ml

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Celebrate the miraculous journey of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with our Organic  Pregnancy and Birth Essential Oil Blend. Specially crafted to support and nurture expectant mothers throughout this transformative experience, this blend offers a gentle and comforting aroma that promotes relaxation and emotional well-being.

Crafted with care for this extraordinary chapter in life, our Pregnancy and Birth Essential Oil Blend is designed to bring ease, joy, and well-being to both mother and child. From the early stages of pregnancy to the transformative experience of labor and the precious moments of bonding, this blend nurtures and supports throughout the journey into motherhood.

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Created for this special chapter in life, to provide ease, enjoyment & wellness to both Mother & Child

Mother & Child Collection

  • Transition, Bonding, Pregnancy, Labor, Motherhood
  • A ‘go to’ blend for all stages of the pregnancy journey including child birth.
  • Can help balance the emotions, whilst going through the motherhood journey.
  • The refreshing citrus Spearmint and Mandarin , with the earthy Sandalwood, a delightful aroma

The Benefits :

  • Organic Lavender
    (Lavandula Angustifolia)

Calms, and soothes.  Studies have shown that when used properly, lavender is an excellent aromatherapy treatment that encourages relaxation, especially during labor and delivery — a stressful moment.

  • Organic Geranium
    (Pelargonium Graveolens)

Organic Geranium essential oil has a beautiful  floral aroma and is  known for reducing anxiety during pregnancy and  during the first stage of labor.

  • Organic Mandarin
    (Citrus Nobis Peel Oil)

Can help calm anxiety and  minimize nausea and a upset stomach

  • Organic Palmarosa 

Uplifts the spirits and soothes a tired body, mind and soul

  • Organic Spearmint

Spearmint essential oil can greatly assist with pregnancy-related nausea.

  • Organic Sandalwood

Sandalwood essential oil is a natural sedative. It induces relaxation and ultimately helps you to sleep better, supporting your motherhood journey.




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