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Bambi Bunny – Montessori Wooden Toys


The Montessori Wooden Toy is a great toy for bubs to start their Montessori journey.

In general, the toy is also great as their first learning toy :

  • practice their gross motor skills; fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and exploration skills.
  • improve their concentration, and focus span,
  • help to improve their memory image
  • help them to get an understanding of the object can appear even if it is out of sight.
  • independent play, mama can relax enjoying me time while bubs busy playing with this over and over.




Recommended Age : 6month+ ( baby could sit up independently )

Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, hand painted with non-toxic water-based paint.

Object size: 4-4.5cm


Important :

  • check your child’s readiness before purchasing or giving your child to play with these toys.
  • these toys contain small objects (balls, coins, shapes ), never leave children to play unsupervised.

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