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Tara Treasure – Large Arctic Antarctic Polar Play Mat Playscape


Our Large Polar Arctic or Antarctic playscape features an ice-covered sea shore, sea floes for your animals to walk on, an ice hole (polynya) and a cave for your animal figurines to hide in! This is a great snowy backdrop for your little ones imagination to flourish through small world play.

Our large Polar Arctic or Antarctic playscape is designed for small peg dolls, animal figurines, loose parts or small world play.  Felt Polar Bear and other animal figurines are NOT included with this mat.

Create the perfect backdrop to an invitation to play, our felt playscapes work well with the full-sized animal figurines (from Schleich, Collecta or Safari Ltd) and wooden toys. At a length of 80cm, this large Polar Arctic or Antarctic playscape is large enough for a full tabletop or it can be used as a floor mat. Once playing is done, the mat can be rolled up and fastened with a button (as illustrated in the image).

This listing is only for the playscape play mat itself, the animal figurines in the photos are not included.

Sold out!


Product Details

  • Ethically hand-felted from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Coloured with azo-free dye, safe for children and pets
  • Length: 80cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Weight: 825g


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